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Posted Aug 14 2009 6:45pm

Remember those times as a child eating Italian Ices that came in the little yellow cups with a wooden stick? Well, you're in luck because Marino's Italian Ices are gluten free so you can still enjoy this summertime treat!

Marino's Italian Ices are based in Queens, New York and in addition to being gluten free they are lactose free, fat free, and cholesterol free. They are also certified kosher.

The current list of flavors includes:
*Blue Gelati
*Bubble Gum

Marino's Italian Ices are available at many fine grocery stores. 

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Marino's Italian Ices makes everyone smile when they see the little yellow cups in the freezer. So summery with it's icey, brightly colored and retro flavors, Marino's is exactly what you think of when you think of Italian ices.



As featured in " Long Island Grocery Examiner " 


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Marinos Italian Ices was nominated as August 2010 Product of the Month on the ever so popular online blog "Dr. Mom's Precription For Managing Food Allergies". [LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01]


Orginally featured on the online blog "Dr. Mom's Precription For Managing Food Allergies" (http://www.drmomsallergyrx.com/Monthly__Product__Award.html) August 2010


MARINOS Lends A Helping Hand &

Gives Back To The Community!

Time For Some Italian Ice!

(((In The News)))

​"Thank you for your generous donation to our Summer Intern Barbecue at Gracie Mansion. The contribution from Marino's Italian Ices helped make our event memorable and enjoyable for our guests. I know these are challenging times for businesses in our City, which makes your generosity all the more remarkable, and I really appreciate your support. Many thanks for your partnership and dedication to our City. All the best."

Michael R. Bloomberg, Mayor

City of New York 
August 11, 2007

"Thank you once again for donating ices to our school carnival. As soon as I came out with the ices the children all gathered around and the ices were gone in a few minutes. A great time was had by all. Thanks for helping make the carnival a success." 

J.B., P.S. 255Q
Flushing, NY

May 19, 2008

"Thank you for your donation to the Oak Ridge Open Golf Tournament...in Forest Park... Proceeds from this event will be used for FREE children's programs and sports clinics in Forest Park. The event was a huge success!! Your kindness and generosity is greatly appreciated."

B.A., The Forest Park Trust, Inc.
Woodhaven, NY
October 22, 2008

 "Thank you so much for the generous contribution of frozen ices to our 2008 Long Island Walk to Defeat ALS at Eisenhower Park.... Your support helped to make the Long Island Walk a tremendous success!

 We are proud to report, the despite threats of wind and rain, over 4,000 participants walked to defeat ALS! Proceeds from the Walk will support patient services programs and aggressive research to find an effective treatment and cure..."

J.L., Walk to Defeat ALS
New York, NY
August 7, 2007

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous donation of 124 cups of assorted flavored Italian Ices for our Senior Center BBQ.... Your donation of a kosher parve dessert adds a special treat."

C. I., Samuel Field Y
Little Neck, NY 

Ice Cream Co., Inc.


 We are not a rich family but when I bring home a few boxes of your ices my children think that we are rich. A trick we use is to put 1 ice in the microwave at a time for about 20 seconds and it comes out like the kind that you buy in ice cream store. Keep up the great work.

-- W. Bonner, Circleville, NY

My father LOVES your ices. He is obsessed with them!!!!! Each night he will eat like 3 because yours are just so creamy and flavorful. Keep up the great work because you guys are doing amazing!!!!

-- C. Abrams, Long Island, NY

ody else makes it the way you do. We have been looking for it for a while and finally found it at a Market Basket store a few towns away. We love flipping it over and getting to the crystals on the bottom. Once again thank you.

-- J. Powers, Worcester, MA

"im just taking   the time to email you and tell you how much me and my family enjoy your ices.   Me, my dad and my little brother sit down every night and enjoy lemon marinos   ices. It has actually been a tradition since i was 6 and now im 21. Please   dont change a thing, especially the bottom of the lemon ice that we cant wait   to get to. sometimes we cant wait and just flip the whole ice over so we can   eat the sweet bottom. thank you very much ... love the valenti's"

-- The Valenti's, Wantagh, NY  

"I posted this to Facebook but I wanted to send it to you here too. Your products have been a huge blessing for our family! My daughter has sensory integration disorder and bipolar. She struggles to find things that help her and most treats she can't stand the texture of. I found your product a few weeks ago and can't stop raving about it! She now wakes up every day and eat an Italian ice before school. The cold helps jolt her out of the medicine fog so she is alert for school and I know that she isn't getting something super sugary or high in calories! Last week her school even bought extras to keep on hand as treats for her during the standardized testing. It was enough incentive to help her focus and get through every test without any breakdowns! Thank you for such a great product!!! We buy these before milk and bread these days because you Italian Ice is the most important thing in our grocery cart!"

-- L. Brown

"Recently I told my wife to bring home lemon ice in the cups..She did,however, she brought home (a competitor).  What a disappointment!  I told her she made a mistake and should have brought home Marino's.  She said whats the difference?  It wasn't until she got to the bottom of your ice that she realized the difference.  The bottom of the cup is the best part.  Keep up the good work and don't change a thing!!"

-- R.T., New Rochelle, NY

"I wrote to you before to tell you how much my husband and I enjoy your italian ice. My husband is a true addict and you were kind enough to send him a shirt - thanks! Our problem is that our local food chain store doesn't sell Marinos any longer!! It's been months and we arent seeing it. We are so sad! What happened? Now we cant find them at all. - EEKKK! We have to eat (a competitor's brand) which as you know isnt even 1/4 as good! Please help! My husband is in a major depression over this - he REALLY is a freak about it. lol.. Can you explain what happened and if there is anything we can do to get it back? -- Oh, we have seen the tub of lemon, but he cant wait til it thaws to scoop it out - you ever try using a BBQ fork to get it out? Then when you put it into a bowl, it is slipperier than WD40 - Cant tell you how many times I have been hit by flyin' italian ice in bed that way while watching the news! lol
Thanks for your help, keep up the good work, and I hope to see your product in the store again!! "

-- C. U., Haverhill, MA.


" Hello, My name is B.J. and I hope you can bear with me for a moment while I recount an Italian Ice memory and current frustration shared by my 12 year old daughter. As a boy, when we had Italian Ice during the summer, a ritual was halfway through the cup to flup the ice and expose the bottom, which had most always become a crusty syrupy layer. This, there is little doubt, was probably caused by the delivery of the ice and it warming and melting significantly during the head of summer, allowing a puddle to form in the bottom of each cup, then refreezing. Now other Italian Ices brands haved seemed to become more like ice cream in cobsistency and better refrigeration makes disappoinment the norm in flipping routines passed from generation to generation. I thought from my growing up in Bergenfield, New Jersey that our local ice cream truck, "Mr Cherry" to us, carried your brand some forty-five years ago; could that be true? Thanks for your patient listening.

-- B.J., Wellesley, MA.